Complete Piano Service With Your Piano Tuning.

Your piano requires more than just tuning. It needs complete piano service to function and sound its best. Let me show you how it works.

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For decades, piano owners have been told to tune, tune, and tune their pianos. While it is true that the cornerstone of piano maintenance and care is regular and consistent piano tunings, pianos also require periodic maintenance and service to keep them functioning as they should.

When I tune your piano, I approach your piano with a complete piano service mindset.

Here's How

Professional and expert calibration of each of your piano’s notes—tailored to your specific piano.

An inspection of the piano’s action and mechanical components.

Small repairs and adjustments* are included at no additional charge—No need to ask!

I love to talk to you. Answers to all your questions about anything piano.

Typical Basic Adjustments and Repairs for Your Piano

Below are some of the most common items I find that need service during a piano tuning. Not all pianos will require all of these—every piano is different. Some require more than others, some require very little, some require more. My comprehensive approach to servicing your piano ensures that your piano is not only in tune, but also in great working order.

  • Keys that stick down
  • Keys/notes that don’t “feel” right during play
  • Pedals that do not work properly
  • Lost motion (depressing a key does not immediately move the hammer)
  • Hammers slamming into or blocking against strings during play
  • Notes that seem to play twice when key is depressed
  • Buzzing, rattling, and clicking

What My Clients Say

Jessica was not only punctual, but actually came a little early…She was very professional and clearly knew what she was doing. She explained what was happening to some of the keys and not only fixed that problem, but treated all the keys as a preventive measure. I will definitely be using this company in the future.

Carol G., Mansfield, TX.

The service was excellent and our piano sounds perfect now. Very knowledgable, friendly, and on-time. I would highly recommend.

Shawn G., Mansfield, TX.

Jessica did an excellent job on my upright. She was very friendly too. My piano sounds Glorious. I’d recommend this company to anyone.

Natalia T., Irving, TX.

I appreciate that you care about the instrument and not just a good tuning. Your work made a tremendous difference. Thanks.

Edward G., Red Oak, TX.

I really enjoyed the knowledge and expertise that came with my piano tuning. Very friendly and respectful people.

Derrick T., Duncanville, TX.

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