Buying a Used PianoBuying a good used piano can be a very difficult task. Used pianos that have not been properly maintained can invite a host of problems and issues.

There are a lot of quality used pianos out there for sale, but finding them and being sure that you are not buying a lemon can make the process seem very discouraging. We can help you.

I have even seen used pianos that have been purchased from “reputable” dealers and piano stores turn out to be more trouble in the long run than they are work.

We urge all potential buyers shopping around for used pianos to use our Pre-Purchase Inspection Service.

I have inspected literally dozens of used pianos that sounded great! Opening up the action, we have found electrical tape, duct tape, scotch tape, bent paper clips, and other homemade remedies holding things together. These type of repairs are designed to make the piano work while it is for sale, but they will never last!

Real Life Examples

A small used grand piano might seem like a steal at a price of $1500. You look at, you play it. You like the sound and feel. It plays well and is in tune. Everything looks to be in working order. But, what about “under the hood?”

For this small used grand, just a few common repair and replacement services might be (these have been actual issues on recent pre-purchases I have been called out to assess):

  • Reshape or replace hammers = $300 – $1500
  • Key button and bushing replacement = $100 – $300
  • Soundboard repair/re-crowning = $$$$ (depends on extent of work)
  • Bridge pins/plate pins = $$$$ (depends on extent of work)
  • Various action/mechanical components repair/rebuild/replace = $100 +++ (depends on extend of work)

All of these things can be fixed. However, as you can see, the cost of repairs can greatly out weigh what you might pay for the piano. Not to mention what it is really worth.

My Pre-Purchase Inspection offers you, the buyer, a chance to have the piano completely and thoroughly inspected before you decide to purchase. During my inspection, I examine the entire action, as well as the pinblock, the tuning pins, the soundboard, the bridges, the cabinet/case, the pedals and damper action—and everything in between.

Call me today at (817) 662-7330 to schedule an inspection. The fee for this service is very reasonable considering the potential problems that you may encounter.