Cedar Hill, Texas Piano TuningI am your #1 solution for piano tuning and piano service! Whether you are in need of a simple piano tuning, or maybe your piano tuning needs are more complex, I have you covered! I proudly tune pianos all over Cedar Hill.

And, piano tuning is not all I do. I am a full service piano technicians that provide repairs and adjustments as well as piano tuning.

Great Service! Jessica has a great personality, was on time and did a nice job tuning our piano. Would recommend her to anyone!

Darion B.Cedar Hill, TX

Excellent Service as Always. This is the second time Jessica came out to tune my piano. She’s punctual and very good at problem detection and solutions. This is a reliable company that I will be using from now on.

Uyen V.Cedar Hill, TX

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What We Have To Offer

Professional, Beautiful and Stable Piano Tuning. Piano tunings that sound great and hold pitch.
Piano Tuning Guarantee. I guarantee my tunings for a full 90-days.
Family Owned Business. I am not corporate. Owned and operated locally.
Equipped To Handle All Your Needs. I can do more than just piano tunings.

Complete Piano Service

I take piano tuning to the next level (where it should be). Each piano tuning includes my Complete Piano Service approach. It’s just like checking your tires and fluids when having an oil change. Seemingly small things within your piano can affect pitch, tone, and performance. It all becomes part of your piano tuning when you choose me.

A Memorable Cedar Hill Piano

A very memorable example of our piano tuning and service work in Cedar Hill. The details of this piano tuning and service call are published here with the permission of our piano tuning clients.

Case Study – For Melissa in Cedar Hill, it had been a life long to own a piano of her own. She never thought her dream would be realized until one day she learned that her neighbors down the street were moving. They were not able (or willing) to take their older upright piano with them. Melissa was thrilled to learn that her neighbors were not asking anything for their piano–they offered it to Melissa free of charge. But, she had to find a way to move it to her own home.

Her first thought was a piano mover, but due to the piano needing to be out of the house quickly, none were available on such short notice. She enlisted the help of her husband and a couple neighborhood boys. It quickly became evident that moving a piano is not as easy as one might have thought. During the process of moving, two casters and one pedal were broken off. But, once in her home, Melissa tried out the piano. Wow, talk about needing a piano tuning…it was WAY out of tune.

Melissa was nearly in tears when she spoke with us. She felt terrible about the casters and the pedal breaking, and she felt that the way in which she had moved the piano ruined the piano tuning. We discussed replacing casters, pedals, and a piano tuning with Melissa, and she agreed to have us out.

Once in Melissa’s home, we were able to replace the pedals and the casters, as well as provide a piano tuning. The piano was a relatively old upright piano, but in generally pretty good shape. Melissa was pleased with the piano tuning and how much improved the sound of the piano was. We did need to complete two more piano tunings over the next 6 to 8 months to stabilize the piano since it had been so long since the piano had previously been tuned.

We’re always happy to help a piano dream come true!

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Cedar Hill, Texas Piano TuningCedar Hill is located mostly in Dallas County, Texas. It is situated along the eastern shore of Joe Pool Lake and Cedar Hill State Park.

Cedar Hill is home to Northwood University, as well as numerous upscale shopping centers.

Cedar Hill has been referred to as the “hill country of Dallas” due to its elevation, and as such many television and radio stations have placed their antennas in Cedar Hill.

More about Cedar Hill can be read on the Official Cedar Hill Page.

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