Grand Prairie, Texas Piano TuningWelcome, Grand Prairie! If you are seeking piano tuning by experienced and professional piano tuners, you have come to the right place! Whether you’re in the Mira Lagos, or performing at the Verizon Theatre, I’ve got you covered! I proudly tune pianos throughout Grand Prairie.

And, piano tuning is not all I do. I am a full service piano technicians that provides repairs and adjustments as well as piano tuning.

Outstanding Service! It was a pleasure having Jessica in our home for a much needed piano tuning and pitch raise. She was knowledgeable and professional. I thought my piano sounded good when purchased 10 years ago . . . but now, after Jessica’s magic . . .there is true soul in the lower register!! Our next appointment is already booked with Mansfield Piano Service. Thanks so much!

LaTrina G.Grand Prairie, TX

Uncommon Excellence. I spoke to Jessica about what I was looking to have done to a piano I had purchased for my daughter. She walked me through everything she was doing and answered my 100 questions. I watched over her shoulder the full 3 hours she was in my home. Not only did she VERY THOROUGHLY tune the piano and fix a key I mentioned was sticking but found a couple of other issues and addressed them as well. They show they care through their actions. Thank you Jessica for uncommon excellence.

Butch N.Grand Prairie, TX

Outstanding! Jessica was very thorough and my piano has never had such great attention from a tuner. I will definitely use Mansfield Piano Service again. Thanks for such an outstanding piano tuning!

D.S.Grand Prairie, TX

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What We Have To Offer

Professional, Beautiful and Stable Piano Tuning. Piano tunings that sound great and hold pitch.
Piano Tuning Guarantee. I guarantee my tunings for a full 90-days.
Family Owned Business. I am not corporate. Owned and operated locally.
Equipped To Handle All Your Needs. I can do more than just piano tunings.

Complete Piano Service

I take piano tuning to the next level (where it should be). Each piano tuning includes my Complete Piano Service approach. It’s just like checking your tires and fluids when having an oil change. Seemingly small things within your piano can affect pitch, tone, and performance. It all becomes part of your piano tuning when you choose me.

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Grand Prairie, Texas Piano TuningGrand Prairie is a suburb of Dallas with a population of 175,396.

Major attractions in Grand Prairie include Lone Star Park, GPX Skate Park, Verizon Theatre, and Traders Village.

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