It’s All About You. (And Your Piano).

My business philosophy is quite simple: I want to ensure you receive the most enjoyment from your piano. Whether you have a $200 piano or a $200,000 piano, my approach is the same and is geared towards your needs and expectations.

I have come to learn over the years that my clients want services and products to match their needs—not mine.

I realize that every client—and piano—is different, and I approach each interaction with my clients as a unique opportunity to hone my talents to provide the highest level of satisfaction.

I am a family-owned and operated piano service company.

I am equipped to handle your piano tuning, service, and maintenance needs. I can perform major and minor repairs.

I also have expert piano movers and climate controlled piano storage. I am pleased to offer you a complete line of professional piano services.

Why I Am in the Piano Business

I am passionate about pianos and the services I provide.

There are no gimmicks, no slick fast-talk, or other non-sense here. Just my Passion for Pianos.

I also believe in true workmanship and quality. I don’t like shortcuts in my work just to meet a deadline or finish up a project. Every job that I complete is a testament to that.

More About Jessica

Jessica Reed

Jessica Reed

Jessica also has a musical background with woodwind instruments, piano, as well as voice.
Jessica’s formal education and background is in teaching.

Jessica is an expert piano tuner and technician. She is able to quickly identify and correct common (and not so common) issues with a piano during the course of a piano tuning visit.

Jessica is very well versed in applying completely new finishes to pianos, as well as applying finish touch-ups.